Matt Kaprielian (HONORED 2024, GRADUATED CLASS OF 2009)

Matt Kaprielian
  • Matt Kaprielian (NMHS class of 2009) is a working artist in the entertainment world. After graduating from New Milford High School, Matt went to Montclair State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in Theater Production and Design. He worked with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for 11 years, becoming their Senior Manager of Balloon Production.  In 2023, Kaprielian decided to make a career change, taking his side business and making it his focus. Matt owns Dusk Productions, which produces displays for Halloween and seasonal attractions. Work produced by Dusk Productions can be seen across the US and internationally, including notable venues like Sea World, Six Flags, and beyond. Matt is passionate about advocating for the professional application of artwork- urging teachers, students, and parents to recognize the arts as not simply a great hobby, but a lucrative career path and a way to positively impact our communities.