Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Favia

Ms. Favia has been a teacher in New Milford since 2014. She earned her degree in Elementary Education and Special Education and has her master's degree in Integrated Curriculum. 

Ms. Favia works with her students on pre-vocational skills, daily living skills, life skills, academics, as well as social skills. In the IBC program, we teach through discrete trials, incidental teaching, and small group teaching. In the area of daily living skills, we teach students how to tie their shoes, utilize their locker, navigating the hallway with minimal assistants, and completing a morning routine. Each student's programs are based around their strengths weaknesses and goals. Some of the life skills we work on are; washing dishes, preparing breakfast, and using a microwave. Academics are individually taught based on the student's academic strengths and weaknesses. Social skills are taught throughout the day and most importantly during specials where the students are integrated with their peers. As part of our curriculum, we also go on community outings trips where we are taking skills we work on in class and applying them when we are out in the community. 

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