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       Lisette Morel     201.262.0172   Ext. 7200
       Lauren Finizia   201.262.0172   Ext. 7239
        Lauren & Lisette have each been teaching in New Milford for more than 15 years. Their vast knowledge of Art and its components make them an irreplaceable part of our staff.  

Program Overview

  • Philosophy

    To be well educated, students must be able to draw on artistic experience and knowledge as a means of understanding both themselves and the world around them. They must be able to use the arts as an important vehicle for communicating ideas in our increasingly multimedia society.

    Study of visual arts enables them to understand how people working in the arts influence and enhance their daily lives.

    There are some broad general objectives in the art program for students and teachers alike:

    A. To accept challenges.

    B. To develop self-reliance.

    C. To lean about and respect oneself.

    D. To learn about and respect all people.

    E. To respond to whatever comes constructively and creatively.

    F. To communicate positively.

    G. To define, recognize and use the elements of art.

    H. To define, recognize, and use the principles of design.

    I. To recognize, distinguish, and appreciate art and cultural influences of differing cultures and historical periods.

    J. To develop an awareness of and sensitivity to art in both natural and human-made environments.

    K. To strengthen perceptual awareness and cognitive skills through sensory experiences.


    Courses Offered


    Explorations in Art

    Ceramics I and II

    Intro to Drawing, Composition & Painting

    Intro to 3D Design

    Intro to Media Arts

    Honors Studio Art

    AP Studio Art Drawing, 2D, and 3D










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