• The Academies at New Milford High School


    The Academies at New Milford High School is an intensive multi-level program.  Students work on projects individually and in break-out groups. All the members of the Academies come together at least once a quarter for ‘big group’ work.

    The Academies mission is to help students think critically and rationally, to enjoy the learning process in a cohort, and to be exposed to life experiences that may help to better prepare an individual for events beyond high school.  Each quarter, students are given a project to research, act on, show what they learned, and draw connections from learning to real life.  It is an exciting and thought-provoking program.

    This is an extra program for students.  The work is intense and most of the work is done during the students’ time outside the regular school day.  

    Click here for the online application.  This is for NEW Academy students in the 2023-2024 school year.  You do NOT need to complete this application if you are already an Academy member.   You will remain in the Academies if you are in good academic standing.







Academies Brochure

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