Welcome to the Special Services Department

  • The New Milford School District Special Services Department’s mission is to provide appropriate support and educational services to students, faculty, staff and parents. Each year, the multi-disciplinary Special Services Team develops program-based objectives aligned with the district goals to ensure that all students are given opportunities to maximize their potential for academic and social emotional success. The Special Services Department assists students by teaching them to develop the necessary skills to think critically, socialize appropriately, and become responsible citizens in their community. The special services department believes in a team-based approach that encourages the parent(s), students, teachers, instructional assistants related services personnel, administrators and any other essential IEP team members to fully participate in the educational experience of the students. The district believes in open communication to ensure feedback from the community stakeholders. These successful relationships translate to a positive and productive academic experience for our students.  (Click Here to read the rest of the Welcome letter).